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FP KF Elite Mid Pro Classic Char/Purp

$42.00 USD

Footprint Elite Mid Pro Insoles absorb more shock than any footprint insole before it! Featuring a 5mm toe and a 7mm heel, this makes supportive and corrective deep heel cups aiding correct alignment, with primo protection, tpu lamination and top layer, these insoles give you the comfort you need to perform, plus they stay soft in all weather conditions while still absorbing the shock! Compatible for all foot types, these insoles are trimmable, so simply line up the stock insole on top of kingfoam elite insole and trim toe to fit. Patented 'Outer Space' Nano-Technology absorbs 90% of shockwave energy which causes injury. Body heat activated. These insoles were used for the biggest drop in the history of skateboarding by Jaws Homoki on the Lyon 25 stair set. Full instructions are detailed on the packaging.