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Team Info:

 Sponsorship is every skaters dream, but it’s also a responsibility. Sponsorship is a two-way street. We ask our team riders to be positive, responsible, respectful of others, and good representatives our shop and of the skate community. If you feel like you meet these requirements, then we’d love to have you try out for our team!

  Please understand that our store relies on the entire skate scene to keep us in business, so discounts and free products are something you have to earn. If you’re looking to get free stuff just for being a good skater, then please reconsider your motives. We want everyone to feel like they are a part of the shop so thank you in advance for your support!

 We have a Shop Team, and a Flow Team!

Shop Team: 

  Only the best and most accomplished skaters are eligible for the shop team. It can take years of skating to become a part of the shop team and it is meant to reward the hardest working skaters with the best discounts, public recognition, and help with sponsorships from larger brands.

Flow Team:

The flow team is for up and coming skaters of various age and skill levels. Some flow team riders will be more advanced than others, but the purpose is to help build a stronger bond and community for skaters who are dedicated to our local scene that want to be a part of something positive.

Flow Team Level 1:

Level 1 flow team is for riders of various ages and skill levels that have shown the drive and passion to work hard on their skating, and have shown dedication to the shop and the skate scene by attending and being involved in our community events such as skate lessons, contests, etc.

Flow Team Level 2:

Level 2 flow team is for riders that have reached a skill level that is comparable or close to the level of our shop team, but still has some work to do before they are ready to advance to the shop team.

Flow/Shop Team Requirements:

To try out, you must send us an email with info as described in the “How To Try Out” section below, and you must have attended at least one of our shop sponsored events.

Once awarded flow team status, you must:

  • Enter at least 2 contests per year to remain on the team. You are not required to place, but you are required to enter.
  • You will be expected to attend team meetings, and volunteer to help out at events such as skate lessons at different times throughout the year.
  • You will be expected to skate and promote the brands that we sell at the shop. We rely on sales to pay the bills, so we need your help promoting the products that we carry.

Shop Team Requirements:

  • You must meet all the requirements of the flow team.
  • You must have at least one video part that is a minimum of 1 minute long edited with music.
  • If you have only raw footage, you can still send it to us for review, but you must have an edited part to advance to the shop team.
  • You must place in the top 3 of at least one advanced contest per year. The contest category is up to you, but it must be an advanced/sponsored division.
  • You must submit quality footage or photos of yourself skating throughout the year that can be used to for social media to promote yourself as well as the shop. 

How to try out for our team:

*Send us an email with a link to at least 1-minute worth of your best skate footage. This can either be raw clips, or edited with music.

*Include in your email your name, age, how long you’ve been skating, contact info, and a short description of yourself and why you feel like you should be on our team.

*If you have placed in any contests, we would like to know. We usually host multiple contests per year, so entering contests and attending other skate events helps improve your chance of sponsorship.

Current Shop Team:

Dallas Godfrey, Caleb Bagley, Colt Compton, Rance Walker, Jono Sinclair, Eric Chinneth, Ronald Cherry, David Camden, Dylan Scullawl, Damien Alzidan, Michael Azzain, Jamison Hadley

Current Flow Team:

Danny Perez, Colton Lowe, Trey Carson, Taylor Church, Blaze Ratliff, Paige Martin, Noah Lusk, Riley Lamb

Nine One Skate is for skaters by skaters, located in Downtown Tulsa, OK