Uppercut Deluxe Grease Monkeys Tee

Uppercut Deluxe Grease Monkeys Tee

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A classic T-shirt, featuring one of our iconic designs - tried and tested to ensure you’re always stayin' sharp.

Short sleeve, 100% cotton with regular fit and soft ribbing detail at the neck. Finished with our signature print design and available in three great colours – White, Black, and Navy.

This design is an outright classic – originally featured as a chest lock up on a raglan tee way back in the early days of the brand. A favourite amongst barber shops worldwide and worn to death by Uppercut Deluxe brand Ambassadors. We’ve now given and moved the slick looking skull to be a back print and kept the chest print sharp with the tried and tested Uppercut ‘Stay Sharp’ chest print.

Demand for Uppercut T-Shirts continues to grow, particularly for some of the heritage designs. You asked, we listened. We’re re-launching a selection of classic prints that have been part of the Uppercut Deluxe lifestyle for some time. Each design represents something we love from our history and has been lovingly restored to its former glory, so that we could print it on some classic colour shirts. You need these T’s in your life.