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Street Plant

Street Plant Flower Deck 9.0

$65.00 USD

Flower Board w/ Art By Luke Pelletier.

Shape: Marius Lemoen

Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

Size: 9.0" x 32.05"

Wheelbase: 14.25" 

Nose: 7.13"

Tail: 6.88"

Aqua Top Veneer.

Red Bottom Veneer.

Black Center Veneer.

Top Graphic: Definition

Recommended Truck Size: 149

About The Shape:

When Street Plant came into my life five years ago, I fell in love with their boards without even riding them. The shapes, the graphics just spoke to me, and with a clear message that Street Plant was all about the love of skateboarding, riding, and having fun, it was something I wanted to get behind. In March 2017, I set up my first 9" Street Axe just to try it; I didn't plan to ride it for long, I had another board I wanted to skate. But I immediately fell in love... again. From the first boardslide, I knew that this was the board for me. Flavour, function, and fun! It fulfilled all my skateboarding needs... Well, almost, I wished that it had a fuller nose, just something to get a better hold on. So after going through several 9" Street Axes, and Max Axes, I sat down, trying to figure out how the shape could be improved. After several sketches and cardboard cutouts, I ended up with something that I felt improved but stayed true to the original form. I sent the drawing to Mike to show him; he responded straight away: "We need to make this!" And now, finally, it's here!!! A dream I didn't know would come true, became true! And I hope you all will skate, create, and enjoy it!!!