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Stereo DVD Box Set

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Stereo Films Classic Box set - A Visual Sound (1994) & Tincan Folklore (1995)

Both DVD's come in a 2-disc box set that include DVD commentary with co-captains Jason Lee & Chris Pastras.

"The making of A Visual Sound was one of those rare, magical moments in life where everything falls into place. From being in San Francisco working with the Deluxe crew, to my friend in NYC gracing us with her dad's amazing music (Ululation) weeks before the editing... it all just clicked. enjoy!" - Chris "Dune" Pastras

"Tincan Folklore is the finest example of experimental skate video making I've seen. And it never pushes the experiment on you. Where A Visual Sound stretched the boundaries, Tincan has none. A perfect example of friends getting together and making skateboarding and the job of capturing it fun and creative." - Jason Lee